Horse Given Prosthetic Limb

From: April News 2011

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Horse Given Prosthetic Limb
A miniature horse who was born without a pedal bone or hoof in his off hind has received a prosthetic limb allowing him to have a much brighter and happier future.

The small horse called Midnite was rescued from a neglectful owner and taken to his new home at Ranch Hand Rescue, in North Texas. It was from here that Bob Williams who runs the sanctuary sought to have a prosthetic limb made especially for Midnite, from a local company who normally make human prosthetics.

The aim of the prosthetic was to hopefully allow Midnite to be able to walk and move around , however the outcome was far more successful and Midnite can now not only walk but trot and canter as well, giving him vital freedom and independence to move and enjoy a much happier life.