Totilas Wins FEI World Cup Dressage

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Totilas Wins The FEI World Cup Dressage
Edward Gal and the always impressive Black stallion Moorlands Totilas have won the Dressage World Cup in Holland.

Despite not performing to his usual standards during Thursdays Grand Prix competition where he was beaten by Adelinde Cornelissen and the Chestnut Gelding Jerich Parzival. Totilas however came through and showed off his usual flare to finish on a score of 89.8% some 7 points ahead of Cornelissen who finished in second place on a score of 82.85% who had Imke Schellekens-Bartels and the lovely dark bay Hanovarian mare Hunter Douglas Sunrise very close behind on a score of 82.15%.


Final Results Of The FEI World Cup Dressage