FEI Decision On Rollkur

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FEI Decision On Rollkur
The FEI has now reached a decision on the technique known as Rollkur or hyperflexion.

During a FEI conference in Lausanne the decision to ban the use of rollkur in warm up arenas has been decided. Close monitoring of warm up areas by officials and in some places cctv will help to ensure that all competitors adhere to this new rule.

The FEI have decided that the use of Rollkur uses aggressive riding to force the horse into an over bent head and neck position and should no longer be allowed in the interests of horse welfare.

Rollkur should not be confused with allowing a horse to work long and low which does not use aggressive riding to achieve.

Members of the FEI during the debate included the president HRH Princess Haya, FEI Secretary General Alex McLin, veterinary representative Dr Gerd Heuschman who also handed in 41,000 signatories supporting the ban of Rollkur. Sjef Janssen a Dressage Representative, show jumping representative David Broome, eventing representative Jonathan Chapman as well as representatives from World Horse Welfare.