Point Two Air Jacket

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Point Two Air Jacket
Using airbag technology the new Point Two Air Jacket inflates in the event of an fall to help protect the rider from injury.

The jacket itself is lightweight and contains a small CO2 canister which inflates the jacket when activated, therefore cushioning the rider where they need it most.

On the jacket there is a cord which attaches to the CO2 canister within the jacket and then onto the D ring on the saddle. When the rider parts company from their mount the cord pulls away and activates the inflation of the jacket to occur within 0.25 seconds thereby helping to protect the rider on impact

Once used the jacket simply requires a new CO2 canister to be fitted and the cord checked before it is used again.

For eventing the jacket should be worn over the top of a traditional BETA approved body protector and will then provide the rider with extra protection in particular to the body, neck, ribs and coccyx.