Luhmuhlen Horse Trials Winner

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Luhmuhlen Horse Trials
The winner of this years Luhmuhlen Horse trials was Germany's Michael Jung riding La Biosthetique-Sam FBW who was competing at this level for the first time.

The dressage phase left Frank Ostholt on Air Jordan in the lead on a score of 33.5 who was closely followed by Simone Deitermann on a score of 35 riding Flambeau H 3 and then there were three riders on equal third Andrew Hoy riding Grand Joca, Emily Baldwin riding Drivetime and Susanna Bordone riding Carrera all on 41.3 penalties.

The challenging cross country phase then changed the leader board leaving Andreas Dibowski riding Euroridings Butts Leon in first position on a score of 45.3 followed closely by Michael Jung riding La Biosthetique-Sam FBW on a score of 47 then Mary King on Kings Temptress on a score of 49.7 and in 4th place was Tina Cook riding Miners Frolic on a score of 49.8.

The optimum time of 10min 23sec proved challenging with only Andreas Dibowski and Michael Jung managing to get inside, Mary King was next though with only 3.2 time-penalties to add to her score.

On the final day of competing Dirk Schrade moved into third position, Mary King had one fence down leaving her on a score of 53.7. Andreas Dibowski also had one fence down to drop into second place on a final score of 49.3.William J Coleman riding Twizzel moved up into 5th place and Tina Cook unfortunately had three fences down moving her and Miners Frolic down into 6th place on a final score of 61.8. The big surprise was for newcomer Michael Jung who performed a clear show jumping round taking him into the top spot on a final score of 47.

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