Meydan Cup Decision

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Meydan Cup Decision
A decision has been made by the FEI jumping committee to allow both Great Britain and Belgium through to the next series. Both teams were tied in second to last place at the end of the final leg at the Royal Dublin Horse Show and it was unclear which team would be relegated to the FEI Nations Cup series, and so the case was presented to the FEI to make the final decision on which team should be relegated along with Italy.

Italy is itself seeking to be allowed through to the next series and avoid relegation after finishing strongly but in 10th position in the final standings of the Meydan Cup, a decision on this matter has yet to be announced.

Congratulations go to the French Team who won the Meydan FEI Nations Cup on a final score of 48.0.

Final Results Of The Meydan FEI Nations Cup