Joanne Eccles Wins European Vaulting Championships

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Joanne Eccles Wins Vaulting Gold
Joanne Eccles has won Gold at the FEI European Vaulting Championships which took place at Arena Bökeberg in Sweden earlier this month.

Joanne was lunged by her father John Eccles on their own horse WH Bentley and finished on an excellent final score of 8,474 to give Great Britain their first vaulting medal.

Lucy Phillips also for Great Britain finished in 8th position with her horse Pitucelli.

The senior team event was won by Austria with Klaus Haidacher lunging Eliot 8, the Austrians Free Test scored highly in both the first an second rounds leaving them on an excellent score of 8,401. Great Britain finished in 8th place with Julie Newell lunging Go For Gold.