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Airowear are the manufacturers of specialist equestrian safety wear and have a selection of Body Protectors, Riding Helmets, Hi Visibility wear and the unique body protector colour swap.

Body Protectors
Airowear offer a range of body protectors to suit everyone no matter what your chosen sport, each body protector as a BETA safety label so that you know what level of protection you are being offered.

High Visibility Wear
Airowear offer a selection of reflective safety clothing for both you and your horse. Products such as the Hi-Viz Exercise sheet, Hi-Viz necklace, Hi-Viz horse Spats and Hi-Viz multi purpose bands are a great way to help make your horse stand out when visibility is reduced and the Hi-Viz waistcoats, Hi-Viz leisure tabard and the Hi-Viz hat band will help to keep you safe as well.

Colour Swap
Airowear have designed a removable silk so that riders can change the colour of their body protector, this can be particularly useful for competitions as matching silks can also be worn.

Riding Hats
Airowear produce a variety of riding helmets from performance riding helmets to lightweight endurance and western helmets. Each helmet has its own safety standard that complies with BSEN and ASTM.

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