Equestrian History

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Equestrian History
Evidence shows that horses were originally used as a food source long before their strength and speed was harnessed for riding and driving purposes. Although it is uncertain exactly when horses were first domesticated and ridden it is known that they were used for hunting purposes, to pull chariots, transport supplies, go into countless battles and for farming.

With improvements being made to the training of horses and to the riding tack used, horse riding became a more safe and comfortable proposition, allowing the horse to be used for a number of purposes such as a scout and delivery of the post.

Today the horse riding skills learnt over the years are practiced, developed and taught all over the world. Horses are now not only bred and trained for competition but also used for work and as pleasure horses where they are used for a number of activities both ridden an driven .

To date, certain findings, and certain approximate dates have come to light:







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400 to 1500 AD

1900 to Present Day