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These are tumors that can affect any horse of any age.

Horses most at risk
Grey horses over the age of 15 years are very susceptible and breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Lipizzaners and Arabs are most at risk, although any horse or pony can be affected.

Sites of Melanomas
Although they can develop anywhere, areas around the dock, groin, neck , around the ear and underneath the tail are common sites for melanomas to start from. As time goes on the melanomas will quickly spread to other areas. Melanomas can also develop internally with far more devastating results affecting internal organs such as the spleen and liver for example.

Melanomas can be soft or hard lumps that develop underneath the skin and can be covered with hair or black lumps that do not have hair on top. The black lumps are often the more problematic due to the black sticky and smelly discharge that often oozes from them.

Tumor Problems - Many tumors will not cause the horse any problems and others can be far more invasive, causing tacking up problems and far more serious problems such as if a tumor develops around the dock area for example it can prevent the horse from defecating.