Hoof Abscess
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Hoof Abscess
A hoof abscess is an infection within the hoof capsule that can cause considerable pain and lameness.

A hoof abscess can occur for a number of reasons:

The horse will often show various symptoms which can include:

A qualified veterinarian or farrier should be called to find the location of the abscess with hoof pincers. Once the area is located they will usually pare a hole in the sole of the hoof or cororonary band to allow the infection to drain out. Then a poultice should be applied.

Applying A Poultice
First of all ensure that you have all the equipment that you will need; bucket and small clean scrubbing brush (nail brushes are good) to thoroughly wash the area, clean sterile bowl for the poultice, boiling water, animalintex poultice, veterinary gamgee, vetwrap, protective over boot. To put on a poultice: