Guttural Pouch Disease
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Guttural Pouch Disease

Guttural Pouch Disease
This is a infection of the Guttural Pouch in the horse. There are three main Guttural Pouch Diseases each one can have devastating consequences, affected horses can suffer from poor  health, depression and if left untreated, some cases can even lead to death. If you suspect that your has a Guttural Pouch infection then your vet should be contacted immediately for treatment  to avoid any  unnecessary  suffering and help to prevent permanent damage to the area.

The Guttural Pouch
There are  two  Guttural Pouches each one is filled with and controls the flow of air  around each of  the auditory tubes. The Guttural Pouch opening is a small split  towards the back and on either side of the Pharynx.

Function Of The Guttural Pouch

The Three Types Of Guttural Pouch Disease:

Treatment Of Guttural Pouch Disease
Treatment will depend on the type of disease:

Guttural Pouch Tympany
This  is first diagnosed with an endoscopic examination and is most commonly  treated with surgery. The surgery given allows air to flow out of the Guttural Pouch into the Pharynx.

Guttural Pouch Empyema
 The vet will do an endoscopic examination to confirm that it is Guttural Pouch Empyema. In some cases an incision will be made at the side of  the Pouch to allow the pouch to be drained of puss and then to allow  the pouch to be aggressively  flushed out in order  to aid in the treatment. A treatment of antibiotics is given and  in some cases pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs are given to reduce the inflammation and bruising in the area.

Guttural Pouch Mycosis
 Surgery  is the only way to successfully  remove the Fungal infection from within the Guttural Pouch. The surgery involves the Artery that has been infected and by preventing the flow of blood to that Artery  along with  the use of  anti fungal drugs after the surgery has taken place will  help to halt the Fungal infection and prevent further blood from being lost.