Grass Sickness
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Grass Sickness
There is still much to learn about this often fatal disease that can affect any horse, pony or donkey at any age often with little or no warning signs.

The disease is categorized into chronic, acute and sub acute:

The exact cause is still unknown. It is believed that bacterium clostridium botulinum type C is involved which produces toxins that enter the horses body causing damage to various parts of the nervous system in particular the intestines which are essentially prevented from working causing the horse to severely waste away.

There are many symptoms that are often present in horses suffering from grass sickness, such as:

There is no set treatment for this debilitating disease, some horses who suffer from very mild cases of grass sickness have been carefully nursed back to health, however the majority are not so lucky and are usually euthanased on humane reasons to prevent further suffering.

Because the exact cause is still unknown preventing your horse from this disease is difficult. If there is a case of grass sickness at your yard consult your veterinarian who may suggest removing any other horses from the immediate grazing area.