Sorraia Pony Breed

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Sorraia Pony
This lovely looking pony  has a slender build and is tough and hardy by nature.  Able to survive on little forage, difficult terrain and changing climate it has never the less been used for farm work as well as ridden work showing how useful and versatile the Sorraia is.

From Portugal

12 to 13.2 HH

Can be grey but predominantly various shades of dun often with dorsal stripes.


This lovely horse is thought to be descended from the Asian wild horse and the Tarpan, the Sorraia has been used for many tasks over the years, working on both farmland and forest the Sorraia shows its strength and adaptability over difficult terrain and despite its size it has also been a pack pony as well as being  ridden.

All round ridden pony and also for driving.