Shagya Horse Breed

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Shagya Horse
This lovely looking horse looks similar in design to the Arab with a slightly larger build and its sleek and slender profile and tough physique make it makes an  exceptionally good riding and  endurance horse.

In Hungary.

Bay, grey, chestnut and black.

rom 14.2 to 15.2 HH.


This beautiful horse takes its name from an Arab called Shagya who was born in 1812 and who was originally bred by the Bedouins and then taken to the Babolna stud in Hungary where he was mated with Thoroughbred, Arab, Spanish and Hugarian horses to produce the horse we know today.

The Shagya is larger in size and slightly more sturdy to that of the Arab and  equally as tough and resilient with wonderful paces and free flowing action.  It was used by the cavalry and as an all round riding and light carriage horse.

The Imperial Hussars and the Imperial Guards are known to ride Shagya Arabs  for their speed, stamina and intelligence and bravery when going into battle..

All round riding and carriage horse, who excels in endurance riding.

North American Shagya Arabian Horse Breed Association
The association offers information for owners, breeders and enthusiast alike.