Peruvian Paso Horse Breed

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Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso Horse
This beautiful looking horse is small, compact and very strong with good ground covering  action  making it  an excellent ridden horse.

The breed originates from Peru

height is from 14 to 15.2 HH

Peruvian Paso horses are usually bay, grey, chestnut and brown.


The Peruvian Paso is descended from horses brought over by the Conquistadors, many of these Spanish horses would have had Andalusian and Barb blood in them, making them very tough and elegant horses with  beauty, endurance and presence.

Over the years the Peruvian Paso was bred specifically for its conformation and lateral gait and with no outside blood added it ensured  that  the Peruvian Paso unique gait would not be lost and has now led to this lovely horse having the reputation of being  one of the most comfortable breed of  horse to  ride in the world.

The Peruvian Paso has been used  for ridden and ranch work as well as excelling on long distance rides. It is able to survive on meager rations and its surefootedness enables it to cope very well with the uneven ground of its homeland. This beautiful horse is noted for its excellent temperament, trainability and character making it a much sought after horse.

The Peruvian Paso is known for its smooth paces and has a unique four beat gait, in which the front legs also arc outwards when  the horse is moving.

Are as an all round riding horse.

North American Peruvian Horse Association
The association offers information for breeders, buyers and enthusiasts.