Paint Horse Breed

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Paint Horse

Paint Horse
This is a lovely looking horse who has a coat which is colored with light and dark, for example a piebald or a skewbald.

Any height.

A mixture of white and a solid colour such black, dun, sorrel, palomino, grey, roan, brown, black and chestnut being the most common. There are different terms for the different colour patterns:

In 1519 spanish explorers brought paint horses into the New World. By the 1800's the lands were filled with many horses including paint horses who became prized by the American Indian who liked their striking colours and who often drew paintings showing their favoritism for the breed.

The paint horse has stock type conformation such as that needed for ranch work. To become registered a Paint horse must be have a sire or dam who are with the American Paint Horse Association, the jockey club or the American Quarter Horse Association. Either the sire or dam must be registered with the APHA to qualify.

The American Paint Horse Association
In 1965 the american paint stock horse association allowed the american paint quarter horse association to join it to form the American Paint Horse Association.