North Swedish Horse Breed

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North Swedish Horse
This is a lovely compact and sturdy draft horse that was traditionally used for moving timber and other loads. It is a strong and willing worker with a generous temperament.

The breed originates from Sweden.

15 to 15.2 HH

They can be bay, black, brown, grey and chestnut.


Temperament is solid and generous

Careful breeding of Swedish mares crossed with Dole stallions from Norway has produced a beautiful draught horse who is hard working and strong with an amenable temperament. Horses are now tested on performance and efficiency before being allowed to breed to ensure that the breed stays true to its origins.

Famous Fact
It is not uncommon for a mature fit Swedish draught horse to happily work a 8 hour day.

Often used for draught work.

North Swedish Horse Association
The association offers information on inspection tours, stallions, auctions and horses for sale.