Mustang Horse Breed

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Mustang Horse
Wonderful feral horses who incredibly hardy as well as being intelligent and surefooted.

13 to 15 HH.

Bay, chestnut, grey, dun, skewbald, piebald, palomino, brown and black.


These beautiful horses were originally brought over by the Spanish Conquistadors and were descended from the Iberian horse. Over time as the settlers spread they took there horses with them and so began the spread of the Mustang horse. It was common practice to let the horses fend for themselves over the winter months and then to be recaptured in the spring.

Herds of Mustangs that were left untouched started to develop which gradually over time became more and more wild becoming the feral horse we know today. The Mustang horse was originally used as a means of transportation and any horses that were captured by the native indians were also used for hunts and for transporting trade.

Mustangs Today
There are less than 25000 Mustangs running free in America today but not in as many numbers as there used to be, at one time there were estimated to be over than 2 million. The introduction of the Wild Free - Roaming and Burro Act of 1971 has greatly helped to preserve this beautiful horses way of life and the land they thrive on.


Famous Fact
Mustangs are known for their great strength, speed and endurance qualities and it is for this reason that they are often used as Mascots.