Lusitano Horse Breed

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Lusitano Horse
This beautiful looking horse is very popular in its homeland of Portugal, the Lusitano is intelligent, agile and  quick thinking  and with a trainable nature it makes an excellent riding and competition horse.

In the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal.

15 to 16 HH

Grey, bay, chestnut and dun.


Over the years the Lusitano has been used as a war horse, for bull fighting, for high school dressage and as an all purpose riding and driving horse.

The Lusitano takes its name from when the Romans used to call that area in the Iberian Peninsula, Lusitania, hence the horses name.

All purpose riding horse with great agility and athleticism who excels in the sport of Dressage, but who also makes an excellent show jumper and driving horse.

International Andalusian And Lusitano Horse Association
An association of breeders, owners and enthusiasts who help to protect and preserve this stunning horse.