Kabardin Horse Breed

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Kabardin Horse
This beautiful looking horse has a kind temperament and active paces making it an excellent horse under saddle and in harness.

Height is usually between 15 to 15.3 HH

The Kabardin horse can be bay or black.

The breed originates from Northern Caucasus, Russia.


Named after the Kabarda region where they come from which is near to the  Kabkaz mountains. This wonderful horse is very tough and resilient, no doubt learnt from the harsh mountain conditions where it comes from and is well known for its sure footedness and homing instinct.

Today's  Kabardin is bred at the Malokarachaev and Malkin studs. It was at these studs that breeds such as Turkmen, Karabakh, Arab and  Persian were used to influence the breed.

Kabardin's can be used as a riding, endurance and driving.