Italian Heavy Horse Breed

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Italian Heavy Horse
This beautiful and compact horse has a  sound temperament and alert nature combined with a forward thinking and active way of going.

In the northern mountains of Italy around Verona and Venice.

14 to 16 HH

Italian Heavy horses are predominantly chestnut and bay.


Native Italian horses were crossed with Arabs and Hackneys to produce a lightweight, fast draft horse. When a heavier stamp of horse was required for the army,  Breton and Boulonnais horses were added to the breed with care being taken not to lose the Italian Draught horses temperament and forward way of going, the end result is a wonderfully powerful horse with a generous temperament and who is capable of both agricultural and ridden work.

Italian Heavy Draught Brand
This is the shape of a shield with a 5 pronged ladder running through  it can be  found on the horses nearside thigh and neck.