Irish Draft Horse Breed

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Irish Draft Horse
An attractive and strong horse who is  athletic and bold with a kind and willing nature, combined with good overall  conformation and way of going.

The breed originates in Ireland

Height is from 15.2 to 17.2 HH.

Bay, grey, chestnut, black and brown.


This wonderfully versatile horse was originally used  as a farm and carriage horse as well as for general riding and hunting purposes. The breed can vary from being a slight horse to a more stocky and substantial horse depending on its parentage, but all are free moving with a straight action that is capable of many disciplines.

The Irish horse has had Thoroughbred and Connemara influences, giving it great scope and athleticism as well as a kind nature and  excellent all round conformation and action.  The need now for competitive horses makes the Irish a serious prospect due to its immense scope and versatility especially in the jumping and dressage sports.

Irish draught horses are used as an all round riding horse especially good jumpers and eventers.

Famous Horses  are King of Diamonds who sired both  Special Envoy and Mill Pearl who were very successful show jumpers.

Irish Draught Horse Society Of North America
Has details of Stallions, breeders, membership and events connected with this beautiful horse.