Icelandic Pony Breed

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Icelandic Pony
This beautiful horse may be small but it is incredibly strong, sturdy and surefooted over the toughest of terrains and is able to cover uneven ground at speed with ease.

The breed originates in Iceland

12 to 13.3 HH

Icelandic ponies can be bay, black, chestnut, brown, grey and dun.


Icelandic ponies are a good all round horse capable of driving  and riding.

The Icelandic ponies were taken to Iceland by  Viking settlers and are thought to be of Scandinavian origin, they have had very few influences with other breeds due to the Parliament of the time forbidding it after some unsuccessful attempts were made  to improve the breed, in so doing the Icelandic ponies have retained their original characteristics of being  intelligent and quick thinking animals who have toughness and strength combined with a wonderful kind and calm temperament.

They survive very successfully in harsh winters helped by their thick coats and dense manes and tough survival instincts and are known to happily cross icy rivers, treacherous ground and  have strength enough to carry a grown man with ease.  

They are used  for farm work mainly in the low lands of Iceland close to the coastline where they also transport loads as well as by the  farmers to round up their sheep, cattle and other Icelandic ponies.