Furioso Horse Breed

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Furioso Horse
This beautiful horse has a kind and intelligent expression and makes for a good all round riding horse.

16 HH

Chestnut, bay, black , brown and grey.


This lovely looking horse takes its name from a Thoroughbred stallion called Furioso who was bred with the Hungarian mares to produce the horse we know today. Over the years they have been used for harness racing, carriage horses and general riding horses as well as being used by the herdsmen.

The herdsmen, called 'Csikos' in Hungarian, trained their horses to do many things to help them to survive in their day to day lives, examples such as being able to get the horse to lye down to protect them from the elements and hide from the enemy as well as allowing the herdsmen to stand up or sit down to control the horse in order to keep track of their herds, companions and the enemy.


Famous Fact
The Puszta Five or Hungarian five is one of the Csikos most well known achievements, in it they traditionally have three horses tied together at the front and two at the back, with the herdsman standing up and controling from the back two horses, what makes this even more extraordinary is the speed at which they do it. Although it is traditionally ridden with five it has been done with as many as 11 horses.