Exmoor Pony Breed

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Exmoor Pony
This wonderful looking  pony has a kind and generous  temperament with lively active paces and a willingness to please., making it an excellent all round pony suitable of many disciplines such as jumping, hacking and driving.

Exmoor ponies originate in Exmoor, North Devon, England.

Exmoor height is around 11 to 12.3 HH

Colour is Bay or brown  with the noticeable feature of the muzzle and hair surrounding the eye being lighter in colour than the rest of the body.


Exmoor Brand
The Exmoor brand is in the shape of star and is positioned on the nearside shoulder.

Exmoor ponies can be used as an all round riding and driving pony.

This lovely pony takes its name  from the Exmoor National Park which has running through it the river Exe. Before Exmoor became a National park it was a Royal  Forest and hunting ground  before being sold off in 1818. The park warden of the time took with him around 30 ponies and set up a herd called the Anchor herd.

The Exmoor ponies are very sure footed and agile no doubt due to the fact that the park in which they freely roam  has 267 miles of hilly  and open moor land  full of cliffs, ravines, woodland, forest and waterfalls and 34 miles of coastline with sharp drops and narrow paths.

During the second world war the army used  Exmoor as a training ground and almost made the breed extinct, but thanks to some dedicated breeders this wonderful breed is now flourishing and the Anchor herd is still going today.

Exmoor Pony Society
The society aims to promote the Exmoor breed and through careful breeding programs, preserve this wonderful ponies characteristics.