Dales Pony Breed

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Dales Pony
This lovely looking horse is strong and hardy with  active paces and  a willing temperament. The Dales makes an excellent all round riding and driving pony and  has a kind nature and a brave heart making it suitable for children and adults alike.

The breed originates from the Dales to the North of the Pennine hills, England.

Dales ponies are 14.2 maximum

Dales are predominantly black but can also be bay, grey  and brown.


This lovely horse is descended from Friesian and also Norfolk Roadster, Welsh Cob and Clydesdale giving it its strength and active paces combined with a willing temperament.  Over the years it was used in the mines and for the army as well as for general riding purposes.

As an all round riding and driving horse, the Dales is a popular choice due to its strength  it can happily carry both children and adults, and is versatile in many disciplines.