Criollo Horse Breed

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Criollo Horse
This beautiful looking horse is descended from Spanish blood and this is most evident in its lively, active paces and overall toughness. The Criollo has immense stamina and surefootedness and makes an excellent riding horse.

The breed originates from Argentina

Height ranges from 13.2 to 15.2 HH

Predominantly dun with dorsal stripes and dark points around the knee and hock, but can also be chestnut.


An all round riding horse

The Spanish conquistadors brought over with them many horses, such as the  Andalusian  when they came to the new world, many of these horses  would have had  tough Barb blood in their make up and  it is from these horses that the Criollo developed.

When the Spanish left Buenos Aires because of  Indian activity many of the Spanish horses where set free, these horses had  to quickly adapt to the Pampa where they where left alone to  freely roam for many years with natural selection ensuring that only the best survived.

The Pampas is a vast expanse of open plain where small plants and grasses flourish on the fertile soils it is  because of the extremes of temperature from summer to winter it was only the toughest individuals that survived to produce a very unique individual.

The Pampas is  also known as gaucho country  where it has many  cattle ranches on it,  the gauchos use the Criollo horses as part of there day to day lives for working the cattle herds.

Asociation Criadores de Caballos Criollos
The association aims to protect and preserve the Criollo horse.