Caspian Pony Breed

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Caspian Pony
This lovely looking pony has a gentle nature and despite its size looks more like a horse in its appearance than a pony,  it is known for its speed and toughness and free moving action.

The Caspian Pony originates in mountains near to the Caspian sea  in Iran.

Height ranges from 10 to 12 HH.

Caspian's are often bay, grey and chestnut.


Discovered in 1965 it is thought to be  one of the first of Irans  earliest natives breeds. Its toughness and speed are well known and it is also blessed with a kind temperament.

These ponies have an extra molar on each side of the upper jaw.

There are as a driving pony and an all purpose riding pony who are known for their jumping ability.

The Caspian Horse Society
The Society is UK based and aims to help protect and preserve the Caspian's wonderful character and breeding standards.