Budenny Horse Breed

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Budenny Horse
This beautiful horse makes an excellent all purpose riding horse, the Budenny has active and energetic paces and endurance qualities along with a kind and trainable nature making it capable of sports such as show jumping, dressage, racing and steeple chasing.

The breed originates from Russia.

15.2 to 16 HH.

Colour is usually bay or chestnut.


The Budenny can be used for general purpose riding, racing and in harness.

The Budenny takes its name from Marshal S Budenny who was a Russian commander and who oversaw the breeding and development of this lovely horse , his aim was to produce a strong, brave, athletic  horse that had endurance and stamina enough to be capable of surviving army life during  the world war two era.

The Budenny was bred by crossing Don and Chernomer mares with Thoroughbred and Anglo Don stallions to produce a tough and athletic horse with a kind nature who is capable of being used both under saddle and in harness.