Australian Stock Horse Breed

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Australian Stock Horse
This beautiful looking horse is similar in design to that of the Quarter horse and Thoroughbred. It is tough, hard working and has a generous nature making it an excellent all round riding horse, that is still used on the ranches today.


Height ranges from 15 to 16.3 HH

They are often bay, grey, black, chestnut and brown.


This lovely looking horse was first brought into Australia in the late 17th early 18th century where a number of different breeds went into its make up, including ,  Arab, Thoroughbred, Quarter horse and Barb, all of which are tough horses with excellent movement and intelligence.  The end result is a wonderfully versatile all round riding horse who is  well suited to difficult terrain and varying  climate, making it an exceptional cattle horse who is quick thinking and agile.

The Australian Stock horse also had to be capable of farm, forest and driving work, showing its toughness and versatility with a number of disciplines. It was also used extensively by the cavalry and was well known for its stamina and endurance qualities.

Uses are as an all round riding and driving horse, it has also been seen in competition.  

Famous Horse
There was a famous horse called Regal Realm who was ridden very successfully by eventing legend Lucinda Green.

Stock Horse Fact
All  Australian Stock horses were originally from New South Wales and because of this were, at one time, all called Walers, it was  later on when settlers spread all over Australia that the term Station and Stock horse took over.

Australian Stock Horse Society
Established in 1971 the Australian Stock Horse Society aims to promote and preserve this wonderfully versitile horse and supplies information on horses, news, shows and breeders.