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Horse Flatwork Books

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See also: Horse Riding Flatwork and Horse Training Flatwork







Flatwork Exercises (Threshold Picture Guides Number 23)
by Jane Wallace in paperback.

This guide is an excellent virtual workout book of flatwork exercises for the horse and rider.

The introduction describes what flatwork and dressage is all about at a fundamental level. The following chapters run through the many exercises available, with clear pictorial descriptions of what is, and what is not supposed to be happening! The final chapter offers final thoughts on the subject.

We highly recommend this book as an excellent way to really appreciate what the aims are when working through your flatwork exercises or teaching others to do so.





Solving Flatwork Problems (Threshold Picture Guides Number 25) by Jane Wallace and Carole Vincer in paperback.

This book is the perfect accompaniment to 'Flatwork Exercises' by the same author.

The introduction builds upon and reinforces the previous book as regards what the aims of flatwork are. The following chapter then cover all manner of problems that may be faced by rider and horse due to lack of technique, underpreparedness, irritability or simply poor conformation.

We highly recommend this book as the perfect companion to Flatwork Exercises, and to troubleshoot flatwork problems in general.



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